Get Lean with Advocare!

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Get Lean with Advocare!

Using Advocare to lose weight, get in shape or whatever you want to call it is a great step in the right direction…

No matter what you call it, the result we all want is to live a healthier lifestyle and have a lean, fit body!

We are trying to accomplish this goal with the help of Advocare products after a friend of ours introduced us to some of the products she and her family used. Products such as Advocare Spark, Rehydrate, Catalyst, Slam and Meal Replacement Shakes were the first ones we used with the 24 Day Challenge. Why? Well, they are the easiest to relate to because we were already buying similar products at the grocery store, Wal-Mart and Costco. We were constantly trying new health foods, diet drinks, protein shakes, energy drinks, breakfast bars, supplements and vitamins.

Image of woman measuring hips

Woman Losing Weight and Getting Lean

Finally we decided to quit playing the diet game and focus on what we really wanted to accomplish and we both came to the same conclusion. Get in shape and get lean!

Once we settled on these as our goals it was much easier to come up with a plan. We simply approached it like any other goals in life that you want to accomplish…

  1. Determine what the problem is… Check. We’re not in the best of shape.
  2. Decide on a goal… Check. Get in shape and get lean! Not exactly a goal, but we’ll get to that later.
  3. Come up with a plan to accomplish the goal… Now here is where things get interesting because there are so many plans, programs and advice that it is hard to determine which one to follow.
  4. Set mini-goals along the way
  5. Get Started

Sounds simple enough, right? If you do a simple search on weight loss or exercising or dieting you will get MILLIONS of results all claiming to be the perfect way to lose weight fast. Really. Seriously?

Different people relate to it in their own way and call it different things such as:

  • Getting in shape
  • Losing weight
  • Get Lean
  • Dieting
  • Be Healthy
  • Be Healthier
  • Weight Loss
  • Lose Body Fat
  • Reduce Body Fat percentage
  • Eating Healthy
  • Get Fit
  • Get Thin
  • Exercise more
  • Eating Less or better

Image of a man losing weight and gettting lean

Man Losing Weight and Getting Lean

Knowing you can’t trust everything you see online we turned to what we know and trust. Our friends, who are already lean and leading the lifestyle we want to lead. I am pretty open with talking about exercising and working out with everyone, but when it comes to talking to people about how they stay in shape or what they eat and what supplements they take I don’t feel too comfortable because I didn’t want to jeopardize any friendships if they felt like I was judging their lifestyles, bodies, etc.

The rest of this process will be covered in depth in this site and blog and I hope you will follow along, provide encouragement, comment, question and even better… participate! Join us in getting lean with Advocare!

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